Alienvault Hardware Appliance

Alienvault hardware appliance is mainly intended to assist mid-sized organizations in effectively defending themselves against advanced threats. The Alienvault hardware appliance platform combines five critical security capabilities into a single console, giving you all you need to organize compliance as well as threats.

In today’s article, we will explain to you what is Alienvault hardware appliance and its functions.

Alienvault Hardware Appliance

The Functions of Alienvault Hardware Appliances:

  1. Alienvault Hardware Appliance’s asset discovery is a critical security feature. It discovers assets in your environment, detects asset changes, and detects rogue assets in your network.
  2. Passive tools, such as passive operating system fingerprinting and passive service discovery, are used in asset discovery. Asset discovery also makes use of active scanning, which can be scheduled to run on a regular basis or performed manually.
  3. Vulnerability assessment, which can be performed in either unverified or verified mode, identifies vulnerabilities or compliance by comparing installed software on assets to a set of known security flaws. Alienvault Hardware Appliance can scan assets more effectively with verified scanning and an administrative user account. Vulnerability scans can also be scheduled to run on a regular basis or performed manually.
  4. Intrusion detection examines network traffic for malicious activity, as well as system log messages and user activity. the intrusion detection of alienvault hardware appliance consists of host-based intrusion detection (HIDS) and network-based intrusion detection (NIDS) components.

HIDS can be used to detect issues on host endpoints and can include file integrity monitoring, rootkit detection, and registry checks. Passive sniffing interfaces on NIDS can analyze network payload data to detect potentially malicious activity.

  1. Behavioral monitoring provides insight into traffic patterns and network flows (NetFlow data), which are used to identify anomalies that may indicate security policy violations. Data for behavioral monitoring and analysis is gathered from network devices, mirrored traffic flows, and asset availability monitoring.
  2. SIEM security intelligence merges logs and other data to identify suspicious patterns in network traffic and host activity.

Alienvault Hardware Appliance gathers information from a variety of sources, including AlienVault Lab Threat Intelligence. AT&T Alien LabsTM developed OTX Correlation rules to find patterns related with malicious activity. OTX threat data includes IP reputation information for OTX pulses as well as the Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) they contain. OTX pulse data also identifies specific threats and how to deal with them. The Alienvault Hardware Appliance web user interface provides access to the majority of Alienvault Hardware Appliance security operation features and functionality (web UI).

it can be seen that The apps provide security for intermediate organization to avoid malicious and dangerous threats. Hopefully this article gives you better understanding about Alienvault Hardware Appliance and its functions.