Alone Frozen Winner Woniya Thibeault

Alone Frozen Winner Woniya Thibeault – Alone: ​​The all-star, cold-climate version of the long-running Channel survival series Frozen hit the airwaves, and for the first time in the show’s 10-season, seven-year history, a woman won.

While the men won every season, including the doubles of the season, the women finished second four times – and two of those women did not decide on their own.
In the third season, Carleigh Fairchild was the runner-up, but the series doctors forced her to leave the competition because her body mass index fell too low.

In season seven, runner-up Callie Russell was medically evacuated due to frostbite.

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Alone Frozen Winner Woniya Thibeault

After reading the article above, so you are certainly curious why is winner alone frozen, woniya Thibeault.

The six survivors who tuned in again for this new 50-day challenge in Labrador, Canada — which the network says will face extreme conditions worse than any previous season — were:
Greg Ovens, season three

  • Amós Rodriguez Season Seven
  • Callie Russell Season Seven
  • Woniya Thibeault, season six
  • Mark D’ Ambrosio, Season Seven
  • Michelle Finn Season Eight

The final two were Michelle Finn and Woniya Thibeault, securing the female winner. Finn captured the game on Day 38, where Thibeault would go on to win the $500,000 prize on Day 50.
Woniya Thibeault,

5, is a survival instructor from California and Nevada who teaches, according to the company’s website, “to help people feel connected to their wilder, freer selves, humanity, and the world around them.”

She first appeared in season six of Alone, finishing second, and writes on her website that she “pushed me to my physical limits before I even got on the plane.”
After winning Alone:

​​Frozen, Woniya said, “I’m so incredibly grateful to be able to represent women like this and show the world that we’re just as capable.” Watch his reaction when he found out he won and hear everything he had to say.

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