Best Free Games on Steam for Low End PC

Best Free Games on Steam for Low End PC – Free games have become the trend in recent years, with some even overtaking paid-for triple-A tiles as the leaders of the PC gaming hobby. A quick glance at Steam’s most-played list reveals that a sizable proportion of the world’s most popular games are free-to-play.

Since we genuinely care about the wellbeing of your bank account – and are concerned about how much money you’re wasting on your bad gaming habit – we’d like to assist you in finding all the free games worth your time. You’ll find a plethora of Best Free Games on Steam for Low End PC listed below, all of which are available for free download and play right now.

Best Free Games on Steam for Low End PC


Soldiers in World War II would frequently hear thunder in the distance and prepare for rain, only to discover it was War Thunder, a tank game in which planes and tanks shoot each other. Gaijin’s flight simulator straps you into a dizzying array of authentic 1940s war machines and challenges you to survive countless dogfights and land battles with other players.

It is a game that is regularly updated and improved, with the most recent additions introducing entirely new types of vehicles, such as warships for massive naval battles. To help you make sense of it all, we’ve compiled a list of the best War Thunder tier 1 planes, as well as a tank battles guide. We also provide you some information on How to Download War Thunder on PC


On Steam, there are a plethora of high-quality tank games to choose from, but prospective admirals have far fewer options. Fortunately, World of Warships is not only one of the best naval warfare simulation games, but Best Free Games on Steam for Low End PC.

Over 500 of the titular warships are available for players to unlock, ranging from destroyers and cruisers to battleships aircraft carriers and submarine. As for submarine, you can read the information on How to Get a Submarine in World of Warships

All of that to ensure  that players will never run out of new toys to aim for. The multiplayer naval battles in World of Warships are pure spectacle, so you won’t notice the grind.


World of Tanks has been around for more than a decade and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Over 800 vehicles are available in Wargaming’s MMO, each carefully designed to compete with other tanks on the battlefield.

Light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, tank destroyers, and SPGs are among the five vehicle types available to players (self-propelled guns). To crush the opposing team in large-scale battles, teams must work together as a well-oiled machine. World of Tanks is ideal if you enjoy the tactical aspect of tank warfare. You can also redeem some codes and get some rewards. To get more information about it, read How to Redeem a Code in World of Tanks Blitz


Few other war games dare to attempt a devilish blend of top-down battle strategy and third-person fighting like Conqueror’s Blade. The medieval MMO receives regular updates and support from developers My Games, so you’ll never get bored, with each new season bringing new units, map areas to explore, and epochs to explore.

Season 9 invites you to lead a rebellion to liberate The Borderlands, aided by three brand new Seasonal Units. Of course, you can spend money on a battle pass or cosmetic items, but the core of the game is completely free.


Do you yearn for a Best Free Games on Steam for Low End PC that is essentially a massive, never-ending spaceship dogfighting simulator? Star Conflict distills the idea of player-driven stories popularized by Eve Online into a much more action-packed, combat-oriented experience with a much gentler onboarding process.

When you’re not battling it out in nimble fighters or massive frigates, you can simply explore the beautiful, vibrant cluster of ancient worlds scattered across its vast void.


Funny Best Free Games on Steam for Low End PC aren’t all that common, but CRSED, which started life as a joke spinoff for squad-based MMO shooter Enlisted, earned its place on this list through constant quality updates and its madcap sense of humour.

While you’ll spend most of a match in PUBG tracking down a hefty set of plate armour, in CRSED (or, as it used to be known, Cuisine Royale) you just need to find a kitchen, strap some metal cookware over your vital organs, and you’re good to go. Regular content updates also keep things fresh and funny, with everything from historic figures to superpowered demons.


Crossout is a post-apocalyptic MMO action game in which you craft and build monstrously-sized machines to bash other players in explosive online games. It’s basically the same thing you used to do with Lego as a kid, but with the added benefit of computer magic.

You can build a wide range of vehicles, from small, nimble buggies to rugged off-roaders, with an equally diverse arsenal of weapons: get your murderous hands-on power drills, machine guns, rocket launchers, and even stealth generators if you prefer a quieter approach. With such a powerful arsenal, it’s easy to see why Crossout is one of the Best Free Games on Steam for Low End PC.

As you fight, your reputation with your chosen Crossout faction grows. Engaging in some good ol’ shooting in PvP or PvE (where you can even fight user-created bosses) will grant you new parts and blueprints to continue your vehicular crusade. If you need help getting started, refer to our Crossout beginner’s guide.


Warframe allows you to play as a space ninja, which is probably all you need to know to get excited. Aside from that, it’s a third-person co-op game in which you battle goons and other space ninjas while wearing fancy ‘warframes’ that grant you special abilities.

Because of its buddy-up mission design and shared-world social environments, it is a slick action game with a Destiny-like feel to it. Perfecting your own Warframe build so you can clear levels and grind faster than anyone else is part of the appeal.

There may be some grinding involved if you want to craft the coolest gear, but you’ll be slicing people in half and powersliding around on your knees for the majority of the time, so don’t worry. It is one of the most popular free Steam games, so there are always people to play with, and there are frequent massive updates, such as Plains of Eidolon and the even larger Warframe Fortuna expansion.


Star Trek Online is an MMO set in the unmistakable sci-fi world of the starship Enterprise, where you are given a ship, a crew, and sent off on authentically Star Trek adventures.

Despite its age, it receives regular free updates that include new, elaborate episodic missions, additional gear, seasonal events, and even the Deep Space Nine crew in Star Trek Online. The story also has a real-world impact on the galaxy’s evolution.

While there is a cash shop and premium ships, the game remains extremely generous to free players, allowing them to explore the final frontier with freedom.


Neverwinter is the MMO version of Wizards of the Coast’s genre-defining tabletop RPG Dungeons & Dragons, transporting you to the Forgotten Realms and pitting you against hobgoblins, kobolds, and other wretched creatures.

It’s a surprisingly strong action-MMORPG with a strong emphasis on skill-heavy combat and a lovely world to explore. There is some pressure on players to buy items from the in-game store, but you can do everything for free. This includes playing the frequent expansions, such as the recent Jewel of the North update, which introduces a new Bard class and improves the leveling system.


ArcheAge, Trion’s free-to-play MMO, starts off very traditional: quests, crafting, and slightly humdrum fantasy adventures. Once you get past that, the game quickly transitions into high seas adventures as you and your friends set off on your very own ship, becoming wealthy traders or unfriendly pirates preying on other players.

It’s a true sandbox MMO that caters to the ambitious merchant, explorer, or scallywag. ArcheAge is a Best Free Games on Steam for Low End PC with some premium content that can be unlocked with a subscription – or you can buy the identical but separate game ArcheAge: Unchained to experience everything the game has to offer.

12. RIFT

Rift is a Best Free Games on Steam for Low End PC that is an exciting MMORPG from Trion Games. Set in Telara’s epic fantasy world, you will embark on a journey that will see your character grow, learn new skills, wield special weapons, and defeat dangerous beasts. It has everything you could want in a top-tier MMORPG.

Once you’ve decided which faction you’ll support – the Guardians or the Defiant – you can begin your adventure in this vast, rich world. You also have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a Calling. Will you choose a Warrior, Cleric, Mage, Rogue, or Primalist as your class?


In this action-packed MMO, science fiction meets fantasy as players gain power with the ultimate goal of becoming a deity. Skyforge is lofty to say the least, but it delivers countless hours of action with far less grind than most free Steam games.

How? Skyforge does away with traditional leveling structures and classes, instead allowing you to advance your character based on total stats and XP. In terms of classes, you can switch between any of the 18 available, giving you plenty of options when approaching a new combat scenario.


With over five different aircraft at your disposal to deal wartime airborne damage, this Best Free Games on Steam for Low End PC immerses you in high-octane 12v12 battles during the Golden Age of military aviation.

This World War II game allows you to fight for the flags of seven different contemporary powers in environments inspired by regions around the world. There are also over 4,000 customization options spread across each of your available crafts, which will keep you busy for a long time.


Trove is a hardcore MMO for players who live for the grind and action-adventure combat, despite its blocky, Minecraft-like aesthetic. In Trove, you begin by selecting from a variety of fantasy-inspired classes and journey across a series of realms, constantly leveling up, fighting cube-y monsters, venturing into dungeons, and unlocking new gear to show off back at your home base. Trove will appeal to you if you are a hoarder at heart.


Albion Online is a sandbox MMO in which characters do not belong to specific classes, allowing for a more adaptable playstyle in which you must progress your character and adjust your combat style by gathering resources, buying and selling gear, and gradually building up your loot stash.

It’s no surprise that players are sinking hours into this free MMO; the world has a lot to offer, including deadly fights against other players, different biomes to explore, and a loot system that drives players away from the comfort of any one area on Albion’s vast map.


EVE Online, one of the greatest MMOs of all time, is now available to play without a subscription fee. This means that anyone with a computer can embark on their own voyage of discovery into the vastness of space. The only question is, who are you going to be? Unlike class-based fantasy RPG games, EVE does not revolve around being a ranger or a warrior and saving the world.

It’s all about fitting into a vast, player-controlled universe. So, will you be a trader and help others by bringing much-needed items? Or will you work your way up through the ranks of a corrupt corporation, engaging in tactical sabotage against your adversaries?


Smite is a MOBA which allow you to control your religion-influenced gods in third person, with the camera positioned behind them, just like in a third person action game. This game feels like a very different kind of 5v5 game as a result of this, and the differences don’t stop there.

Smite has a variety of modes, including the team deathmatch-inspired Arena. However, there is still plenty of familiar content: lanes, creeps, and pieces are all present and correct, and the pantheon of gods is constantly being expanded.

19. DOTA 2

In the world of MOBAs, Dota 2 is second only to League of Legends in terms of size. Millions of people appear to play it on a daily basis, returning to check out new characters and patches. As a MOBA with roots in the genre’s inception, you know what to expect: an eclectic roster of Dota 2 heroes, a massive list of powerful items, ten players, three lanes, and a heavy emphasis on skill.

You could lose days just thinking about the metagame, let alone honing your skills by spectating the biggest matches during tournament season. To get started with this free Steam game, new players should read our guide to the best Dota 2 heroes.


Valve’s mobile and PC effort set a high starting bar as the first official auto chess game following Drodo’s Dota 2 mods, Dota Underlords. It’s a little easier to use than its custom inspiration, and veteran players of the notoriously difficult MOBA will feel right at home.

The Dota Underlords items system is one of the key differences between this Best Free Games on Steam for Low End PC and its main rival, Riot’s Teamfight Tactics. Rounds one, two, three, ten, and every fifth round after that are creep rounds in which you can choose from three different items.

Valve has also added the powerful presence of the Underlords themselves to each player’s team, providing each lineup with significant additional buffs and damage based on the skills you choose.


Do you wish Rocket League was more Mad Max-like? Heavy Metal Machines, a 4v4 MOBA car action game, allows you to headbang and prepare for the apocalypse. Help your hooligan team nab and volley a bomb ball into the opposing goal to score, with the first team to three points winning the match.

Despite the fact that the game is currently in Early Access, the developers, Hoplon, have pinky promised that it will always be free to play. Each machine has its own set of abilities, play style, and punk-inspired personality, with one being a crazy old lady riding a reinforced hover bike. On the website, each character has their own personality, heavy metal soundtrack, and detailed backstory.


Warface is a gritty free-to-play first-person shooter that you can play in co-op or competitive versus modes with or against your friends. While playing with others, you’ll find plenty of variety as you try to master a variety of teamwork strategies and playstyles on daily-changing multiplayer maps.

Get to know the Rifleman, Sniper, Engineer, and Medic classes, and enjoy the atmospheric environments rendered by Crytek’s CryEngine. With a wide range of weapons and difficulty levels available for free, Warface is an excellent choice for some free FPS action.


You may have spent many hours with Hearthstone, but a true rival to Blizzard’s epic CCG appears to be on the horizon. Shadowverse is a hugely popular game in Japan, quickly becoming the country’s most popular of the genre after its mobile release in 2016, and it’s already catching fire in the rest of the world as one of the best card games on PC.

It’s on its way to becoming your next free CCG fix. Shadowverse feels new every time you play it, thanks to the freedom to try out new strategies and playstyles and the lack of RNG. That’s before we get to the new card expansions that come out every three months.


Right now, battle royale is Steam’s most valuable export, with PUBG commanding millions of gaming hours. But what if you don’t want to spend money on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and don’t want to leave Steam? Realm Royale, Hi-fantasy Rez’s 100-player deathmatch, is required.

While it may appear to be similar to Fortnite on the surface, diving into a match will quickly reveal that Realm Royale has several unique ideas that address some of the genre’s long-standing issues. You don’t have to discard useless loot; simply disenchant it into shards and spend them at a Forge to create new, legendary-grade weapons and armour.

But beware: fire up the Forge, and you’ll find yourself the target of dozens of foes eager to steal that new gear from under your nose. It introduces a new level of tension to the mid-game, which Fortnite and PUBG have yet to achieve. Do you need assistance mastering it?


Although it has received criticism for resembling Overwatch, Paladins has its own take on the hero shooter formula. You assist your team in capturing control points and escorting a siege engine to the front door of an enemy fortress using a deck of cards imbued with special passive abilities – read our Paladins beginner’s guide for more information on this system.

During a match, Paladins Champions level up, with each new level improving their skills by drawing new buff cards. After that, you can open chests to get more cards for your decks, and you’ve got yourself a new favorite Best Free Games on Steam for Low End PC.


Path of Exile is significantly more grim and gothic than other action games on the market, and it also has one of the most compelling leveling systems seen in an RPG. An impossibly huge and liberating grid of abilities and upgrades awaits you, ready to allow you to improve your character in any way you see fit.

To gain access to those enticing abilities, you’ll need to fight your way through the monster-infested world, using a combat system that’s (shudder) possibly a little better than Diablo III. On top of that, every few months, it receives a massive expansion and a new competitive league, such as the recent Path of Exile: Expedition update.


What can be said about Team Fortress 2, Valve’s massively popular and ever-evolving shooter? It wears a lot of hats. It is also extremely refined, always full of players despite its 2007 launch, and receives frequent updates to fatten up the game with even more hats, modes, and maps.

Despite how much the game has evolved in the nine years since its release, it remains simple to learn, especially if you have some friends to play with. The package itself now feels infinitely large, with a wide range of game types ranging from classic capture point Red vs. Blu games to co-op Mann vs. Machine, in which players work together to repel waves of murderous robots.


Those are our long list of Best Free Games on Steam for Low End PC. As you can see, we already listed tons of game for you to try and download. Decide for yourself which game you want to play. Good luck!