Best Magnetic Phone Charger

Best Magnetic Phone Charger – Although the charging cable included with your smartphone is adequate for charging, it lacks any additional features or versatility. Magnetic cables are a good option if you want something that is both safe and simple to use when connecting and disconnecting your charger. In this article, we listed some of the Best Magnetic Phone Charger for you.

Best Magnetic Phone Charger

1. Terasako Magnetic Charging Cables

Terasako is a well-known mobile accessory brand that produces high-quality products, including the magnetic charging cables mentioned here. The Terasako magnetic charging cable is ranked first in this list because it is one of the most dependable options available.

Aside from that, it is fairly versatile for the price because you get a total of four cables and twelve connectors in the box, which means you get exactly three connectors for each cable. The included cables have length ratings of 1 ft, 3 ft, 6 ft, and 6 ft, which should be sufficient for most users.

In terms of connectors, the box includes micro USB, USB type C, and lightning connectors. In addition, a right-angle connector cable is included in the box, which can be quite useful. You will get QC 2.0 charging speeds regardless of which connector you use. But the best part about these Terasako charging cables is that they have a great nylon braid construction as well as a 1.5-year warranty, which is unusual for charging cables at this price.

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2. Magnetic Charging Cables from A.S.

While A.S. and its mobile accessories are on the pricey side, they do provide high-performance products, such as the magnetic charging cables mentioned here. For those of you looking for a high-performance cable, the A.S magnetic charging cable is a great option.

Aside from fast charging, you also get 4 cables and 9 connectors in the box, which is sufficient for most users. These cables also have decent length ratings of 3.3 ft, 3.3 ft, 6.6 ft, and 6.6 ft. Two of these magnetic charging cables have adjustable right angle designs, which is one of their most distinguishing features.

You can easily use the included micro USB, USB type C, and lightning connectors with these adjustable connectors. When it comes to charging speeds, you’ll be happy to know that these magnetic cables support up to QC 3.0 speeds for fast charging. These nylon braided cables also come with a decent 1-year warranty.

3. Magnetic Charging Cables by AUFU

Because not everyone wants a large pack of cables, Aufu, as stated here, offers a smaller pack of magnetic charging cables with excellent performance. Aufu’s magnetic charging cable is an excellent choice for those who only require a few cables to charge their mobile devices.

Unlike most other magnetic charging cables, these come in a pack of three cables that are combined with nine connectors, giving each cable three connectors. Speaking of each cable, they are all 6.6 ft long, which may be a disadvantage if you require different cable lengths.

Thankfully, Aufu has not compromised in terms of connector versatility, as it includes micro USB, USB type C, and lightning connectors. One of the best features of these magnetic connectors is that they support charging speeds of up to QC 3.0 for quick charging. As a premium option, the included one-year warranty is also expected.

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4. Magnetic Charging Cables YKZ

If you want something that offers both great performance numbers and versatility, YKZ and its magnetic charging cables can be a great premium option. Because of its various specifications, this YKZ magnetic charging cable is the best performing option listed here.

To begin, there are 4 cables in the box, which are combined with 12 connectors, resulting in 3 connectors each. The box includes 3.3 ft, 3.3 ft, 6.6 ft, and 6.6 ft cables for optimal charging performance.

Its 12 connectors include three micro USB, three USB type C, and three lightning connectors, allowing you to charge any device with ease. YKZ has provided QC 3.0 charging speeds with this cable for optimum charging speeds in a short period of time. And, as you might expect for the price, these cables have a nylon braid construction as well as a one-year warranty.


There could be a lot of instances where you trip over your charging wire and end up dropping your smartphone on the floor. Fortunately, this can be easily avoided by using a magnetic cable that safely detaches in the event of an accident.

If you’re looking for something similar, consider one of the best magnetic charging cables listed above. All of these magnetic charging cables have their primary features and details explained alongside a complete buying guide of Best Magnetic Phone Charger to assist you in selecting the right one.