Best Phone Mount for Uber Driver

Best Phone Mount for Uber Driver – Car phone holders, also known as phone mounts, are a must-have for all drivers. Having your directions available hands-free is important not only for your safety, but also for the safety of those around you.

Passengers want to feel safe, especially if you’re an uber driver, and if they see you staring at your lap all the time, they might not give you those all-important five stars. Fortunately, we had the opportunity to compare a selection of the Best Phone Mount for Uber Driver. Read on to see the full review.

Best Phone Mount for Uber Driver

1. Ram X-Grip

These mounts are very popular among motorcyclists, boaters, and others who demand a lot from their mounting hardware because they have a lot of metal parts and an extremely solid construction quality. These car phone holders and mounts are ideal for the owner of a large car with special mounting requirements, as you can purchase additional hardware to extend the phone out to wherever you need it. No wonder it is included as one of the Best Phone Mount for Uber Driver.

This best phone mount comes with adhesive to secure the rubber tips to the X-grip arms, as well as a tether to ensure your phone doesn’t fly away in high winds or other extreme-use scenarios. Once installed, inserting your device will most likely necessitate the use of both hands. It has plenty of space for aux and charging cables. A single X-grip holder can even be moved to other mounts for boats, motorcycles, and other vehicles.

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2. Kenu Airframe+

The Airframe attaches to your car’s vents, making it lightweight and simple to install. The interior of the mount is lined with soft rubber, which provides a firm grip and absorbs shocks. Taking your phone out one-handed will be difficult because this mount has a firm grip on your device, so you won’t be tempted to text and drive!

This best phone mount is extremely simple to use, making it the most user-friendly mount we evaluated. Its small size and lightweight design make it easy to transport between vehicles, and it can be used with a wide range of devices.

When shopping for a vent mount, consider where your car’s vents are located. Mine are a little angled in this car, so the mount is a little angled as well. If your vents are recessed too far back in the dash, vent mounts may not be ideal.

The airframe car phone holder has plenty of space for cables and other accessories. You’ll still need to be cautious of those side buttons, but this mount is simple, secure, and foolproof – a great option for those looking for a compact and simple mounting solution.

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3. The Cup Holder Phone Mount

As one of the Best Phone Mount for Uber Driver, this car phone holder style is popular and is recommended by many drivers. It’s just so convenient to use the phone when it’s right next to you. This is one of the best phone mounts to use if you have a cup holder in the middle console next to you..