Best Switch Games for 5 Year Olds

Best Switch Games for 5 Year Olds – The Nintendo Switch is an excellent console for children. Aside from outfitting your child’s console with one of the best Switch cases to keep it safe, the next best thing is to outfit it with some educational Switch games.

This way, your children can play in a way that is beneficial to their brains rather than simply traveling through a fantasy land saving a princess, though that is also enjoyable.

Your kids will have so much fun with the best educational games for Switch that they won’t even realize they’re learning. We recommend the following Best Switch Games for 5 Year Olds.

Best Switch Games for 5 Year Olds

1. Scribblenauts

This is a fun puzzle game that my son enjoyed playing on his Nintendo DS. This mega pack includes some new features and gameplay that I’m sure will keep him entertained for hours.

2. Nintendo Labo Kits

This is one of the most creative and exciting things I’ve seen for a gaming system. It excites this STEM enthusiast and is one of the reasons I wasn’t completely opposed to adding another gaming system to our household.

Labo kits combine play and engineering to create an incredible hands-on STEM experience. There are a variety of build kits that use the Switch’s console to bring your creations to life. When it comes to educational Switch games to check out, this is at the top of my list.

3. Snipperclips Plus

A fun and clever action puzzle solving game for kids to play alone or with up to four other people. According to what I’ve heard, playing this one with others increases the fun significantly. We’re lucky to have four controllers.

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4. Numbala

This game was created with the assistance of neuroscientists to aid in the development of math skills. It’s a newer game, but it looks intriguing and won a number of awards shortly after its release. Because this is a digital game from Nintendo, it is also very affordable. Definitely worth a look.

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5. Civilization 6

This strategy game requires the development of mapping, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. The cool thing about this game is that it also requires players to understand economics, government relations, and different forms of government in order to find the most effective way to build their empire. There’s even some history thrown in. This game may not be appropriate for children under the age of 12, but it will be a hit with tweens and teens.


Those are the list of Best Switch Games for 5 Year Olds. These video games provide children with enjoyable and educational activities. You can choose your own favorite game based on our list.