Walkthrough For Cloud Of Darkness 6 Star

The Cloud of Darkness 6 Star is a boss that can be avoided. It becomes available only after you have completed all of the star-related events. This guide will cover everything from how to fight the boss to how to prepare for the boss and what to do once the boss has been defeated. This guide is intended to be as free of spoilers as possible!

Introduction of The Guide

The guide will not go over item grinding or side quests because they are available in every instance. The only reason we including them is that their difficulties were relatively easy to control for experienced players, but the character balance could still be shifted to make the boss much more difficult. For this guide, we only included the recommended level 70 character to make it easier to follow for new players who may want to play with a more laid-back character.

How to Find the Cloud of Darkness 6 Star

The Cloud of Darkness will be the dungeon’s next boss after Gaius. He can be found at the top of the hill or on the platform above the boss’s pit. The hill gives you the option of going down to the pit or up to the boss’s platform. If you take the hill, you will arrive at the platform beneath the boss’s platform. At the top of the hill, you can either run down to the pit to fight Gaius or turn left to jump down to the Cloud of Darkness. The Cloud of Darkness resembles a large scorpion. He will have two tiers of spikes up his back when you first fight him.

How To Defeat the Cloud of Darkness 6 Star

In case you forgot, the Cloud of Darkness is a massive and extremely fast-moving boss. He employs a shield (showing that he is probably not very powerful). The Cloud of Darkness appears to move in a large cone around the map, flying quickly towards the center. His core is located in the center of the map, so be prepared to avoid the shield. You will be unable to close the gap between the two as long as the Cloud of Darkness is at half health. It’s critical to stay alert and not let him catch you off guard. How to Fight the Cloud of Doom There are three ways to fight the Cloud of Darkness: To kill the Cloud of Darkness, you must first defeat him in order to reach the final boss (Blaise) and learn the secret move. 1.) This is the most direct method.

What To Do before Fighting the Cloud of Darkness 6 Star

Please ensure that you have all of the necessary items before you begin fighting the Cloud of Darkness. You must have: Silf Stone’s (You cannot equip this until after the Cloud of Darkness fight), Annihilation Emblem (Bypassed during The Final Flight), and The Ring of Mordin. One thing to keep in mind before facing the Cloud of Darkness is to only use Tormented Souls to aid him. DO NOT USE the Annihilation Emblems or the Scorn of the Colossus! (You will not be able to equip this until after you have defeated the Cloud of Darkness.) You will only lose one life if you die during the fight. There are also two rifts spawned by the Cloud of Darkness that you can use to teleport to the boss room.

This guide already covers everything from how to find the boss to how to prepare for the fight and how to fight the boss. This guide is intended to be helpful for all those gamers who find difficulties on defeating Cloud of Darkness 6 Star. Good luck for the fight!


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