3 Step How To Block Someone On Mobile Legend

How To Block Someone On Mobile Legend – Mobile legend is a fun 5 vs 5 Moba game developed by montoon. But sometimes we meet with a toxic teamate or friend that ruin our gameplay and mood.

Those people usually spamming chat with bad word and after the game ended they keep spamming those stuff. Some even going as far like asking to fight.

This kind of thing is unavoidable for all player even though we stay silent the whole game.

So to avoid this kind of thing montoon have a fiture to block someone in the game, in the lobby and even your own friend.

Its very easy and fast once you learn it. Here are some example how to BLOCK someone on mobile legend.

How To Block Someone on Mobile Legend

This is how BLOCK your teamate or enemies while playing mobile legend in 2 steps ;

  • First : Press here

mobile legend

  • Second : Choose the person you want to block and then click the small icon beside the picture of their hero

mobile legend

Now that player message and voice chat should be blocked for the entire game.

This how to block your friend or stranger on mobile legend.

Your in game friend.

  • First, start by pressing this button to open social

button to open social

  • Second, choose friend to unfollow

how to block someone on mobile legend

  • Third, press “followed” to unfollow his account and then choose ok
  • Lastly, click this small icon and choose ok.

Your friend should already blocked, you can check this in social by pressing the bottom icon that say “blacklisted”.

If you want to block stranger you can just follow the last 2 steps after pressing his profile.

The last is how you block your Facebook friend on mobile legend

  • First, press social and then open Facebook friend,
  • Choose your friend and click this icon ,
  • Lastly, press yes and your Facebook friend should be blocked.

Sometimes we want to try new hero or item build when playing mobile legend, but some people might not like it and often throwing insult of how bad we play. Replying to them won’t resolve the issues, a lot of Times it just make thing worse.

They can feed the enemies or selling their item and start afk in the base. The best course of action is just to block them and keep playing.

That is how to blacklist someone on mobile legend.

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