How to Complete FH 5 Acura Me Treasure Hunt

How to Complete FH 5 Acura Me Treasure Hunt – The final week of the Horizon Rush takeover of Forza Horizon 5 has arrived, as Playground Games announces a new series, Horizon Customs, beginning next week. It’s the final week of a PR Stunt-filled season, so make the most of it.

The Nissan GTR 2020 is available to unlock for 20 points during the Spring Hot Season, and the Honda Civic 1984 is available for 40 points. Here’s the full details of how to complete FH 5 Acura Me treasure hunt and some additional information regarding some events in FH 5.

Acura Me Treasure Event!

How to Complete FH 5 Acura Me Treasure Hunt?

The hint for this week’s treasure hunt, “Acura Me Treasure!” is to “Acura a clue by traveling fast to see new stars on the Horizon.” “All it takes is a quick flash to see!

This requires you to get into any Acura vehicle and earn one star in the Horizon Baja Speed Trap, which is located in the north-western area of the map and on the west side of the Horizon Baja circuit. You don’t have to 3-star this Speed Trap to get the chest, but you must go faster than 35mph to gain at least one star.

The red circle will be located at the northernmost point of the map, north-east of Guanajuato, once the treasure is unlocked. The chest is near the eastern entrance to the Rio Fuerte speed zone, and to the west of the river bridge. The 50,000cr is yours if you smash into the chest.

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Other Events

Photo Challenge

This week’s photo challenge calls for you to get into the Mitsubishi Starion ESI-R 1988 and photograph the Pantano Pass Speed Trap. This Speed Trap can be found just south of Playa Azul and west of Riviera Maya, right next to the Boardwalk Danger Sign.

To earn the rewards, simply drive up to the Speed Trap, open the camera app by pressing up on the D-pad, and tap A to take a picture. After completing the mission, the “It Is The Way” Forza Link reward can be obtained by pausing the game in free roam, selecting the Online tab, and then Forza Link on the bottom right. Choose a phrase to replace, then go to the Exclamations tab at the top, and the phrase will be available for you to select.

Weekly #FORZATHON Challenge

The Mosler MT900S 2010 is required for the final Horizon Rush Takeover weekly challenge. If this vehicle is not already owned, it can be purchased from the Autoshow for 320,000 CR. Forza Horizon 5, Mosler MT900S 2010, Light as a Feather Challenge.

As with the rest of the season, the PR Stunt challenges this week are to earn 10 stars from Speed Traps, a total of 300mph / 483kmh across Speed Zones, and to finish by completing a speed trap and a speed zone within two minutes. The stock version of the car should easily be able to complete these challenges in a short amount of time.

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Those are the information about how to complete FH 5 Acura Me treasure hunt and some extra information regarding events in FH 5. By the time you finished reading this article, you’ll be able to complete the FH 5 Acura Me Challenge. Thanks for reading!