How to Get Free Spins on Coin Masters

How to Get Free Spins on Coin Masters – Do you want to know how to get Coin Master free spins? You’ve com to the right place. By design, this is an addictive mobile game. It combines the excitement of playing slots with the social battling of Clash of Clans to create something that you simply cannot put aside; in a good way. The issue is that you frequently have to put it down if you are unwilling to pay for regular spins.

Thank goodness for you, there are numerous ways to obtain Coin Master free spins, reducing the need for you to spend and increasing the rate at which you can advance through this addictive experience. Plenty of of them are also simple to execute, so you don’t have to worry about performing complicated maneuvers just to continue playing your favorite game.

We’ll go over all of the different ways you can get a few free spins here and there in this article. This will allow you to continue playing long after your daily free spins have expired, as well as provide you with a way to get more without having to spend your hard-earned cash on premium spins in the game’s store. Here are a bunch of tips on How to Get Free Spins on Coin Masters.

How to Get Free Spins on Coin Masters

1. Follow The Page of Coin Masters on Social Media

Moon Active, Coin Master’s developer, posts a list of links every day that you can use to get Coin Master free spins. If you stay on top of this, you’ll be able to get a steady stream of free stuff with little effort. Coin Master can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

2. Sign Up Your Email for Gifts

If you sign up for email gifts, you can get a bunch of Coin Master free spins every day by simply following a link on your phone. We haven’t received any spam as a result of signing up, so it’s a quick and easy way to get yourself some tasty free spins.

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3. Invite Your Friends to Play Coin Masters

Each time you successfully invite a friend to Coin Master via Facebook, you’ll receive 40 Coin Master free spins, which really is a substantial amount. They wouldn’t even have to play the game; all they must do is download it and log in with their Facebook account to get the free spins. Of course, it’s in either of your best interests to play it, which brings us to our next point.

4. Request Spins

You might gain up to 100 Coin Master free spins per day from your friends, but you’ll need 100 active friends who are willing to actually send you a gift every day to get there. Each gift includes a single free spin.

But if you’re extremely popular, you’re unlikely to have 100 friends, let alone 100 who will agree to play a game with you. We suggest going to the official Reddit or Facebook communities to see if you can find anyone willing to play with you.

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5. Watch Advertisement-Video

By watching a video ad, you can earn a limited number of Coin Master free spins per day. Keep scrolling to the slot machine and tap the spin energy button in the lower right corner. If it isn’t there, you’ve used up your free spins for the day, but if it is, simply tap on it and you’ll be taken to an ad.


That’s all there is to our Coin Master free spins guide. We already provided some popular and common tips regarding How to Get Free Spins on Coin Masters. Just keep spinning, and good luck!