How to Get Melee Master Medal in CODM

How to Get Melee Master Medal in CODM – In CODM, players must complete a number of challenges and events. When you complete these challenges, you will be awarded a medal.

A Razor-Sharp challenge for season 4 was released as one of the challenges. To progress in their quest to unlock Sickle weapons, players had to earn the Melee Master Medal in this challenge.

In this article, we will tell you how to get the Melee Master Medal in COD Mobile.

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How to Get Melee Master Medal in CODM

  • Because it is a Master Medal related to melee, you will need 4 kills in a match with any melee weapon.
  • The twist is that you must complete this task while playing Battle Royale.
  • Even though completing this task in Battle Royale mode appears to be challenging, we recommend playing in Battle Royale mode alone.
  • In order to play alone in BR mode, select Classic mode and then Solo.
  • In Battle Royale, solo mode includes a large number of bots.
  • You will have a better chance of getting kills with melee weapons as a result of this.
  • You can use an axe to deal a lot of damage to your opponents.
  • However, for close-range combat, you can grab a Katana and slice through your opponents.

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How to Get Axe and Katana in CODM

When you finish the task, you will be rewarded with a medal on COD mobile. As a reward, you will receive a Punk Skull spray in addition to the medal.

Obtaining this medal will be beneficial to you in the long run. This is due to the fact that many of the challenges require players to acquire the medal in COD Mobile.

Obtaining a Melee Master medal may also assist you in accelerating the completion of several challenges or tasks in COD Mobile.


That was the details on how to get Melee Master Medal in CODM. Although it appears difficult at first, it turns out that there is an easier way of obtaining the medal.

Follow the instruction outlined above, and you’ll be on your way to earning your melee master medal in no time. Good luck with your attempt.