How to Unlock Chaos Dungeon Lost Ark

How to Unlock Chaos Dungeon Lost Ark – Lost Ark has a rich endgame experience that will keep both newcomers and veterans busy for months. Once your character reaches level 50, you can begin the endgame grind by completing Chaos Dungeons, a relatively easy endgame activity that is an excellent source of upgrade materials and your primary source of skill Tripods.

While Chaos Dungeons are a quick daily activity, it’s critical to understand how they work, the rewards they provide, and how to unlock them as soon as possible. This guide will go over what Chaos Dungeons are,How to Unlock Chaos dungeon Lost Ark, the daily caps and catch-up mechanic for this activity, and a brief overview of the types of rewards you can expect while farming this activity.

How to Unlock Chaos Dungeon Lost Ark

After reaching level 50 and completing the quest “Ealyn’s Request” in North Vern, Chaos Dungeons are unlocked. To complete the quest chain, complete the world quests in North Vern. You must be level 50 to begin this quest chain, so make sure you complete a few side quests while leveling; completing only story content will not get you to level 50.

1. What Exactly Is A Chaos Dungeon?

Chaos Dungeons are a post-game activity in Lost Ark that can be completed alone or with up to four other players. In a Chaos Dungeon, you’ll be tasked with slaying monsters in five-minute intervals to fill a progress gauge. When you defeat enough monsters, a portal to a new zone will open and your timer will be reset. Fill up the progress bar without running out of time to finish the Chaos Dungeon.

Chaos Dungeons, while simple, are one of the most accessible and rewarding activities in Lost Ark. This will be your primary source of upgrade materials for your weapons, armor, and gems for casual players. For more dedicated players, Chaos Dungeons provide a direct path to earning Engravings, jewelry, gems, and tickets to the Cube endgame activity.

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2. Rewards And Tiers

Chaos Dungeons, like most endgame activities in Lost Ark, are divided into tiers. Each tier corresponds to a different item level band. T1 is the smallest and T3 is the largest. The first tier of Chaos Dungeons will drop upgrade materials relevant to T1, the second tier will drop upgrades relevant to T2, and so on. Accessing higher tier Chaos Dungeons will also grant access to items with a higher item level, if that wasn’t obvious.

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3. Activity Rewards in Chaos Dungeon

In Chaos Dungeons, there are two main types of rewards: gear and upgrade materials. Chaos Dungeons will be your primary source of weapons and armor, both of which grant valuable upgrades to your Tripod skill.

Aside from that, Chaos Dungeons are a great source of upgrade materials for enhancing your weapons and armor, which is required to raise your character’s item level. T2 and T3 dungeons are also good sources of gems, which is yet another way to boost the power of your abilities. Every reward associated with Chaos Dungeons is listed below.