How to Unlock Guns in MW2 Beta

How to Unlock Guns in MW2 Beta For those of you who encounter problems like guns in Call of Duty MW2 beta locked. You can follow the method below  to unlock guns in the Call of Duty MW2 beta.

In MW2, Infinity Ward replaced the franchise’s traditional weapon unlock model. Previously, all weapons were unlocked upon reaching a certain level.

For example, in Vanguard, the BAR assault weapon is unlocked at level 18. However, Modern Warfare 2 introduces a new system that takes some efford to unlock the guns.

Here’s our guide to unlocking weapons in the Modern Warfare 2 beta.

How To Unlock Guns in MW2 Beta

In the previous Call of Duty games, unlocking weapons was based on your overall level, but this year it only applies to base-level weapons.

Instead, most weapons are unlocked by reaching a certain weapon level with certain weapons. Call of Duty fans should be familiar with weapon levels, as they were used to unlock add-ons in previous titles.

In Modern Warfare 2, weapon levels are used to unlock both attachments and new weapons.

You must use weapons that use the same platform to unlock more weapons that also use the same platform.

Weapon platform can be confusing, but all you need to know is that weapons that share a platform also share attachments.

If you unlock a single weapon view on the Modern Warfare 2 platform, it will be available for all weapons on the MW2 platform.

You will learn how to progress on the platform and unlock more weapons using the gun interface during the loading phase.

Go to the progress tab in the shooter UI and explore a type of tech tree. You will be shown the way to progress to the platform of your choice.

To unlock new weapons, you need to unlock receiver attachments that use the base platform to create a new weapon. Use an unlocked receiver and your weapon will be modified.

How to unlock weapons in Modern Warfare 2 beta. Just figure out which weapon you want to unlock and work towards it by leveling other weapons leading up to it.

For example, if you want the 556 Icarus LMG, you would need to reach weapon level 18 with the MW2.

Note that the unlock trees throughout the game will likely change as more content becomes available.

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That’s how to unlock guns in MW2 beta easily. Now go get all the guns you want and have fun.