How To Unlock Lachmann Sub MP5 in The Modern Warfare 2 Beta

How to Unlock Lachmann Sub MP5 – Call of Duty players loves the MP5, the 9mm submachine gun that is synonymous with modern FPS games everywhere.

The mainstay of the modern era is back in MW2, although this CoD game has a different name.

Called the MW2 Lachmann Sub, it is part of the Lachmann weapons base in the game’s sometimes confusing Gunsmith.

First, the Lachmann Sub is locked and cannot be used in the MW2 beta.

But if you’ve played multiplayer games, you’ve probably been killed multiple times by someone using an SMG.

What’s going on? This is how you get Lachmann Sub in beta.

How To Unlock Lachmann Sub MP5 in The Modern Warfare 2 Beta

During the first weekend of MW2 open beta on PlayStation, Lachmann will not be available to unlock the Sub.

However, players have found a way to exploit this through menu manipulation, which can also be described as a kind of problem.

To access the Lachmann Sub, you also need the Lachman 556 Assault Rifle, which is the start of the Lachmann weapon platform.

To unlock the sub you need to reach level 556. This will give you access to the platform and eventually the Lachmann sub.

  • ¬†Create a download that does not have the Overkill feature in the premium package.
  • ¬†Select the Expedite 12 Shotgun as your primary weapon.
  • Change the goody pack to include Overkill.
  • The Lachman 556 is automatically selected as the second weapon
  • Level the Lachman until you unlock the Lach-9 receiver. This opens the Lachmann Sub.
  • You can now select the Lachmann Sub as your weapon.

As of the second weekend of the beta, the above bug has been removed from the game. Lachmann-556 is now unlocked by beta leveling Lachmann-762 and Lachmann Sub is unlocked by beta leveling Lachmann-556.

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